Tricia Kaman

Tricia has been in the portrait sketching business for thirty-eight years. She studied at the Cooper School of Art, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and the Art Students League of New York.

In 1965, Tricia worked as a portrait artist during the summer at Cedar Point in Ohio. In 1971 she started her own portrait stand at Geauga Lake Park. Today we are located in over thirty major theme and amusement parks throughout America and Canada. Tricia still trains our artists in the fine art of pastel portraits and silhouette cutting. It's estimated that she has trained over a thousand portrait artists, who have sold a combined total of over five hundred thousand sketches!

Outside of the family business, Tricia has had several successful one-woman shows and has won numerous awards for her artwork. The quality and success of Kaman's Art Shoppes is based on her broad experience in the art field.